About us

Valhalla Timberwrights is based in the Mountain Kingdom of Rossland British Columbia. The four core specialists of the Valhalla crew proudly bring over 60 years of combined experience to the art and science of timber frame design and custom home building.

Valhalla Timberwrights design, build and raise various types of timber frames for residential and commercial customers.

Our services

  • 1.

    Full timber frames

  • 2.

    Timber frames with round log elements

  • 3.

    Square log dovetail frames

  • 4.

    Hybrid timber frames

  • 5.

    Timber components

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Our process

All of our structures are hand cut by a small, dedicated team of experienced craftsmen. The procedure of laying-out and cutting timbers by hand allows our team to pick the optimal face, joinery location and placement of each timber within the timber frame structure.

With this careful process, we best showcase the natural elements of each piece of wood. This sets us apart from other companies that utilize large computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machines that do not perceive the subtle beauty contained in each piece of timber.

The marrying of round log elements into conventional timber frames is one of our unique design styles that will distinguish a Valhalla timber frame home from others.

About our timber

The varied composition of the forests in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia provides us with the ideal timbers for timberframing; primarily Douglas fir and western larch, as well as western white pine and western red cedar. Because of the abundance of quality trees available here, we are able to source our timbers locally. In addition, our logs are cut by a sawyer in our community. In this way, our company contributes to and supports the local economy, while minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing materials and equipment transportation.