We offer the services of full project design and timber specific design and create custom log and timber millwork to make your Valhalla timber frame unique.

Full project design:

We are custom home builders who create architectural and timber frame plans from the concepts and ideas brought to us by you, the client. This is an evolutionary process that combines your vision with the experience and knowledge of the Valhalla Team of designers to create a beautiful natural living environment for you.

Timber specific design:

Would you like to add timber elements to architectural plans you already have?

We can incorporate timber frame, hybrid timber frame, round log or timber elements into pre-existing architectural plans that are provided to us by you. This design process will provide you with engineered, stamped timberframe-specific drawings that are ready to use. We can design wall and roof system plans based on conventional framing or the utilization of structural insulated panels (SIPs).

Valhalla Timberwrights’ special drying process for perfect results:

The world-wide standard for the timber framing industry is to use green timbers, and almost all timber frame homes are built using green timbers. For the discerning client looking for the most stable and dry timbers, however, we purchase timbers from a supplier that utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) Kilns. RF kilns produce a timber that is evenly dried to the core. This drying process significantly reduces twisting, checking, cupping and other drying defects common to conventional drying methods. One of the benefits of even drying is that any pitch, or sap, within the timber is also hardened.

Tour your new home before we build it

By using AutoCAD and 3D rendering, the Valhalla Team creates architectural plans and timber frame house plans so that you may take a virtual tour of your designed home prior to the start of construction.